A Look at the Things To Do in Bangkok

What To Do in BANGKOK

Things To Do in Bangkok – What To Do in Bangkok, Any seasoned visitor will attest to the fact that Bangkok has a fascinating combination of wonderful and weird sights, smells and sounds just waiting to be discovered. Anyone planning a Bangkok visit may be wondering which places he/she should not miss. Below is a look at the things to do in Bangkok. This selection features an excellent mix of leisure and cultural activities that are the best of Bangkok tourism. Any tourist should try several of them and feel what the city is all about.

Things To Do in Bangkok
The Grand Palace in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to many beautiful temples. Visitors can hire tuk-tuk drivers to take them around for the day to visit the temples. Often, they are the most efficient and cheapest way to visit all the temples. A tourist can start their visit with a tour of the Grand (Royal) palace and the neighboring Wat Pho, which houses the popular reclining Buddha. Then, they can head across the river to the top of the Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of the Dawn, where they can get a stellar view of the city. Another notable thing that tourists can do is take a riverboat tour of the Chao Phraya River, the city’s central water artery. Observing Bangkok from this river is a rather beautiful and relaxing experience.

MBA Bangkok
MBA Shopping Malls in Bangkok

Going shopping is the second-best thing to do in Bangkok, the first being visiting the temples. There are dozens of shopping malls from which tourists can choose. A visitor can go to MBK to buy cheap electronics, Siam Discovery for normal-prices items, and Siam Paragon for upscale shopping. Another place to do shopping is the floating market located on the city’s outskirts. Although it’s somehow a rip-off and crowded with tourists, it will make for a filling morning adventure. If one goes to the more local part of the market, they will find a lot of good meals and fruits.

There is a street located in downtown Bangkok called Sukhumvit Soi 11, which is a local and expat hotspot. Here, visitors will find a local bar known as Cheap Charlie, where many Thais and tourists spend their free time. Also, there are many nightclubs along the street. A restaurant called Mogul Room offers some excellent Indian food, while another called Charlie Brown has delicious Mexican food.

Cheap Charlie's Bar On Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok.
Cheap Charlie’s Bar On Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok. (photo by Smalljud, Flickr)

Watching a movie in Bangkok is a good idea. While visitors may not think that seeing a movie is a big deal, it is recommended for a number of reasons. Movie theaters in the city take the film experience to the next level as they are quite luxurious. In addition, there is a special introduction to the king of Thailand before each movie. This is a cultural moment that gives visitors an appreciation for the love that Thais have for their king.

The Chatuchak weekend market is definitely among the best places to visit in the city. It is quite big and very crowded during the weekends. Tourists can find virtually everything in the market, from authentic clothing to counterfeit ones. Also, there is a huge dining area with excellent cheap food. This market is an ideal place for a visitor to shop until they drop.

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